14 Ways to Celebrate in the Dog Days of August!

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Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Like August?

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of August.  The heat just gets to me.  Years ago Brian and I made an agreement that we would not make any major life decisions in August.  We used to walk around our house and see all the things that were wrong with it including the gap between the soil and the foundation no matter how many soaker hoses we used.  We were just grumpy and didn’t like anything!  The 100+ degree days seem endless.  Except of course, as I write this, it’s actually really nice outside – Sunny and 88 degrees.  It amazes me how many events take place outside in Texas in August.  I realize we can’t just stop working and living but  I have to think very hard about whether I am attending if I’m invited to an outside social event in August.

Maybe a holiday would cheer me up.  To be fair, I have friends that have birthdays in August and I love celebrating their birthdays (inside with A/C).  But maybe if there was a holiday in August, it would be more fun.  Turns out there are some holidays in August.  I just had to look for a while to find them.  Per the Farmers’ Almanac there is plenty to celebrate in August.

Sisters Day — Celebrated on the first Sunday in August, Sisters Day is a great way to share the love with your favorite female sibling.

8th: Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day — Here’s a devious one for all you gardeners out there. Spread the love around!

10th: National S’mores Day — As if you needed a special day to enjoy these ooey-gooey, oh-so-good campfire favorites.

11th: Presidential Joke Day — Where did George Washington keep his armies? In his sleevies, of course!

13th: Left Handers’ Day — All you righties out there, why not try to do things left-handed for the day?

14th: National Creamsicle Day — The perfect summer treat!

15th: Relaxation Day — Who could argue with a day like this?

18th: Bad Poetry Day — “My love has a red, red nose …”

22nd: National Tooth Fairy Day — Unless you have a loose tooth, we suggest you celebrate this one in spirit …

26th: Jonathan’s Birthday – Why wouldn’t this make it on a national calendar?

27th: Just Because Day — Why? Just because!

28th: Race Your Mouse Day — Don’t have a pet mouse? No problem. Race your computer mouse.

29th: More Herbs, Less Salt Day — A healthy reminder that can benefit us all.

31st: National Trail Mix Day — This day is a great excuse to take a hike.

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