Bonds are a 3 party contract in which one party guarantees another party.

Bonds and Court Bonds

Okay, so they’re not as exciting as 007, but they can be an essential part of doing business. They are a form of financial guarantee between you and the person requesting the bond. A situation might come up where someone requests that you get bonded before you do business together.

Bonds come in many shapes and forms, like licenses and permits with government agencies, a guaranty to complete a contract as requested, or a promise to provide supplies and materials.

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Some of the bonds Hutson can provide help with include

Bid, performance, and payment
Construction material supply
Court bond: judiciary, fiduciary,
and probate

Depository bond
ERISA fidelity
License and permits
Lost instrument

Public official
Release of lien

“Brian and Kim Hutson strive to go above and beyond answering and explaining any questions we run into and it shows. They allow our company to feel completely at ease knowing that we have been giving the best coverage and price possible.”

~ Leah Myslewiec, JME Leasing, Dallas, Texas