Client Services go beyond creating a policy.


Our Client Services

The Hutson Group’s client services takes the entire insurance department off your plate. We deliver consultative advice, fabricate the best program to take care of your business, find the best carrier and price to underwrite that program, and manage the program once it’s in place. We can also take care of things like risk and claims management, and experience modifier analysis.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. We make this look easy.

Risk Management

Helping you prepare for what lies ahead and get the best return on investment for your dollars spent is what we do best. To that end, Hutson has not one, but two licensed Risk Managers on our team available to assist with risk identification, analysis, and control. And their skills go far beyond pointing out potholes.

  • Needs assessment for safety and loss control services
  • Safety culture analysis and recommendations
  • Safety meeting program guidance and materials
  • Development of safety programs (handbooks, fleet, incident response)
  • Loss control recommendation resolution assistance
  • Claims management
  • Experience modifier analysis

Claims Management

For some companies with a higher frequency of claims, we can provide an extra level of support to get the sometimes tedious job of claims management off your desk.

We’ll work with you and the adjustors to get claims closed in a timely and cost-effective manner and get employees back to work. And with the close link between risk management and claims, we can take that service one step further to help you reduce future risk and make sure you’re getting the most return on investment for your coverage plan.

Experience Modifier Analysis

Experience modification factors are calculated by determining the ratio of a company’s actual losses to the losses expected from a company of a similar size. So a 1.00 experience modification factor would be an average risk.

We know what you’re thinking: Why do I care? Because this number can affect your workers’ compensation premiums. Proper analysis and improvement of this number can help you manage your costs. That’s what we’re here for.