Cyber Crime – Is Your Business Vulnerable?

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Cyber crime is in the news nearly every day. You hear about Target, Neiman Marcus, Experian and other international businesses. Do you think your business is too small to be the target of a cyber threat? It’s not!

Cyber crime affects businesses of all sizes. In the past, when you locked your doors for the day, the only threats were physical – theft or property damage. The same technology that makes doing business efficient and expands your reach, also makes you vulnerable 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.  It’s not IF you get breached but WHEN.

You don’t want to hinder your business by limiting the technology you use, so how do you combat cyber crime from impacting your company?

Protect – Prevent – Respond

Over the next three weeks, we will discuss each of these in greater depth, so stay tuned to this blog.


This blog series is adapted from a presentation by Kim Hutson, CIC. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your business from cyber crime, contact Hutson Insurance Group today.

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