Hidden Dangers in Your Warehouse: Six Steps to Prevent and Protect

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Spontaneous combustion – is it a real thing or just the vision of conspiracy theorists?

You could see the possibility of highly flammable chemicals combusting under certain temperatures. What about something seemingly as innocuous as cotton, especially wet cotton?

Courtesy of Caleb Holder, KCBD, Lubbock

Under the right conditions, cotton, yes, even wet cotton, is combustible. According to a 2008 Science Direct report, “Once it is wetted, its thermal stability is decreased.”

Other surprisingly combustible warehouse contents include hops, grain, various fabrics, and random trash.

It’s not news that fires can cause great loss. Here are some easy to remember tips to protect your warehouse:


  1. Keep your eyes and noses open for unusual changes.
  2. Keep it clean in your warehouse.
  3. Get out!
  4. Check your detectors.
  5. Inspect your extinguishers.
  6. Talk to your insurance advisor.

Your insurance advisor can help protect your property, your inventory, your business, and your people. At Hutson, we’ve seen the devastation a warehouse fire can create and we can advise you on prevention strategies as well as making sure you have the right policies in place to keep your business and your people protected.

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