Prevent Cyber Attacks

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You now know how to protect your business from cyber crimes, but what steps can you take to prevent a cyber attack?

The first step to prevention is awareness. What are your vulnerabilities? Take an assessment of the following.

  • What data do you have at risk?

Clients, employees, financial, etc.

  • How secure is your data?

Backups, firewalls, passwords, encryption, procedures, etc.

  • How can the data become exposed?

Cloud, hackers, vendors, employees

  • What is the potential damage if exposed?

Risk Assessment -Downtime, reputation, legal, lost customer base

Now that you know your risk, what can you do?

Implement up-to-date IT protection software, reliable backups (where do you store them and have you checked to make sure they work?), and an Incident Response Plan. Partition information within your system, and establish procedures for limiting employee access. Establish a company policy for regularly changing passwords, bring your own device (BYOD), use of USB ports for portable storage, etc.


This blog series is adapted from a presentation by Kim Hutson, CIC. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your business from cyber crime, contact Hutson Insurance Group today.

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