Property insurance protection against loss of or damage to buildings and personal property

Your business location is a prized possession, so it’s smart to want to protect it.

Property insurance can shield you and your assets from the unexpected, like burglaries, vandalism, fire,
and those North Texas storms that bring wind, hail, and headaches.

Peace of mind is priceless. Let’s help you find that.

Business Property Insurance

Just as important as people are to your company’s growth is your assets: your building or office space, your computers and equipment, your inventory, even your coffee maker – a vital part of any company’s ability to function.

Property insurance protects you in the loss of these things due to perils like:
• Weather-related disasters (lightning, hail, and tornadoes)
• Burglaries and vandalism
• Damage from a burst pipe or structural damage

Regardless of whether you own or rent, business property coverage will pay to repair or replace your property.

Business Income

Business income (or business interruption) coverage will reimburse a business owner for lost income during a period when their business is closed. After all, if the equipment that makes the widgets is damaged, you’re not making widget money.

A business can see a hit in production as a result of a fire or other damage to the property, or if an area becomes inaccessible due to a natural disaster. You never know what’s around the corner, so make sure your bases are covered.


Theft, computer fraud, employee dishonesty, forgery, embezzlement, extortion. Sometimes crime does pay, and the money comes out of your pocket.

Crime insurance protects your business from loss or damage to your property or to a client’s property that comes as a result of criminal actions, both inside and outside the premises of your business. Property coverage won’t always cover these things. We can create a crime insurance package that will fill those gaps and make sure your business is protected from every angle.

What would you do if you found out someone had stolen the password to your business bank accounts and transferred your money out, never to be seen again? Unless you have a Crime policy to cover that money, it is gone, gone, gone.

“Brian and Kim Hutson strive to go above and beyond answering and explaining any questions we run into and it shows. They allow our company to feel completely at ease knowing that we have been giving the best coverage and price possible.”

~ Leah Myslewiec, JME Leasing, Dallas, Texas