Respond to Cyber Attacks

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Unfortunately, cyber crimes affect more businesses each year. No matter how much you’ve done to protect against or prevent attacks, new threats emerge daily. If your business is involved in a cyber breach, your immediate response is critical.

Be honest with your customers. Complete transparency will engender customer confidence.

Respond quickly.  Delays in response and notification can be costly with legal fines and damage to your reputation.  As soon as you are aware of the breach you need to contact your Data Breach Coach provided through a cyber insurance policy. Your customers, vendors and anyone affected by the breach will appreciate your swift and responsive action so that they are able to take the necessary steps to repair vulnerabilities on their end.

Establish an IRP plan now before an incident occurs, and let everyone in the company know what their role is in the plan. Cyber criminals know that small businesses don’t see themselves as targets and often lack the resources to deploy a solid IT defense. As a result, more and more small businesses are held hostage to ransomware or malware.  Proper planning will keep cyber criminals from stealing your business from you.

You built it, so protect it!


This blog series is adapted from a presentation by Kim Hutson, CIC. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your business from cyber crime, contact Hutson Insurance Group today.


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